These Grasses Are More Than Ornamental – A Few of Our Faves for Fall!

Marrazzo’s Guide to Eye-Catching Fall Ornamental Grasses: Planting and Winter Care As summer gracefully exits and autumn’s warm hues begin to wash over the landscape, gardeners are presented with a new canvas of colors and textures. Ornamental grasses take center stage during this seasonal transition, introducing movement, drama, and an air of sophistication to gardens. […]

100 Days of Color! Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs Now

Please note: Our Spring bulbs will be available no later than the third week in September. Creating a succession of blooms with spring flowering bulbs is a fantastic way to enjoy a vibrant and colorful garden for an extended period. By carefully selecting bulb types, following proper planting techniques, and creating thoughtful color combinations, you […]

Our Favorite Fall Perennial Superstars!

Top Perennials for Fall Gardens: Marrazzo’s Selections Perennials have the power to bring vibrant life to gardens year after year, especially during the fall when many other plants start to wind down. For those in search of the best fall-blooming perennials to grace their gardens, Marrazzo’s has you covered. Here is a compilation of their […]

Marrazzo’s Garden Center: Our Favorite Fall Plant Combinations for Beds and Containers

Ah, the beauty of fall. As temperatures drop and leaves change, many garden enthusiasts believe it’s time to wind down. But not us here at Marrazzo’s Garden Center! Fall is a prime time to give your garden a refresh with vibrant colors and textures that will last until winter’s first frost. Whether you’re planting a […]

August Gardening Tips from Marrazzo’s: Embrace the Flourishing Beauty of Your Summer Garden

As August graces us with its presence, your garden is likely adorned with vibrant colors and lush foliage. Marrazzo’s is delighted to provide you with valuable tips to make the most of this delightful month. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just beginning your green journey, here are some suggestions for each category in your […]

Gardening for Mental Health: Therapeutic Benefits of Getting Your Hands Dirty”

Hello to all garden enthusiasts out there! We’re your friendly neighborhood crew from Marrazzo’s Manor Lane, dedicated to making the world a greener place, one seedling at a time. If you’ve ever felt a wave of serenity while sowing seeds or a sense of excitement watching your seedlings push through the soil, you’re not alone. […]

Focus on Flowers

Perennial Hibiscus, commonly known as Rose Mallow Perennial hibiscus are hardy perennials in zones 4-9. Their large stature and dinner plate sized blossoms make them the talk of the neighborhood from midsummer to early fall as they flaunt their tropical looking blossoms. Hummingbirds and pollinating bees are attracted to the colorful flowers, but deer typically […]

Maximizing Blooms: Timing Your Fertilization in the Lifecycle of Annuals

Coming to you from the warm and friendly team at Marrazzo’s Manor Lane, we’ve put together an essential guide to the lifecycle of annuals and, most importantly, how to time your fertilizing routine to ensure maximum bloom. We’ll dive into both traditional and organic options to meet your personal preferences and make sure your garden, […]

Blooming Masterpieces: Unleashing Your Creativity with Container Gardening at Marrazzo’s Manor Lane

Imagine you’re an artist and your canvas is a garden container waiting to be filled with a delightful blend of flowers, foliage, and unique plants. At Marrazzo’s Manor Lane, we believe that container gardening is a fun, accessible, and rewarding way to brighten up your outdoor or indoor spaces. We’re thrilled to help you embark […]