Marrazzo’s Garden Center: Our Favorite Fall Plant Combinations for Beds and Containers

Ah, the beauty of fall. As temperatures drop and leaves change, many garden enthusiasts believe it’s time to wind down. But not us here at Marrazzo’s Garden Center! Fall is a prime time to give your garden a refresh with vibrant colors and textures that will last until winter’s first frost. Whether you’re planting a garden bed or a container garden, we have some delightful plant combinations to inspire you.

For the Garden Bed:

1. Ornamental Grasses + Asters + Coneflowers: Ornamental Grasses, like Switchgrass or Feather Reed Grass, provide textural elegance. Blend them with colorful Asters and Coneflowers (Echinacea). Coneflowers, with their sturdy daisy-like blossoms, complement Asters’ fine petals and the wispy beauty of grasses. The trio is also a pollinator magnet!

2. Chrysanthemums + Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ + Black-eyed Susan: Mums are the star of the fall garden. Enhance their beauty by pairing them with the dusty rose blooms of Sedum ‘Autumn Joy’ and the sunny yellow of Black-eyed Susan (Rudbeckia). This trio provides a variety of flower shapes and a delightful color gradient.

3. Russian Sage + Goldenrod + Joe Pye Weed: Combine the delicate structure of Russian Sage with the luminous gold of Goldenrod and the tall, mauve clusters of Joe Pye Weed. This combination provides contrasting colors, heights, and textures, offering a dreamy, wildflower meadow vibe.

For the Container Garden:

1. Ornamental Kale + Pansies + Coral Bells (Heuchera): Ornamental Kale is a stunner with its rich green and purple rosette. Add in the cheerful blossoms of cold-hardy Pansies and the varied, vibrant foliage of Coral Bells. The varying shapes and hues create an eye-catching container display.

2. Fountain Grass + Fall Petunias + Sweet Alyssum: The upright stature of Fountain Grass creates an engaging centerpiece. Surround it with the autumnal hues of fall Petunias. Finish the look with white, fragrant spills of Sweet Alyssum around the edges of the container.

3. Dwarf Alberta Spruce + Violas + Ivy: For an evergreen touch, use Dwarf Alberta Spruce as the container’s central anchor. Underplant with vivid Violas, which are similar to pansies but have smaller, more delicate flowers. Intertwine some trailing Ivy for a cascading touch that adds depth and movement to the container.

A Few Tips for Successful Fall Planting:

  1. Prepare the Soil: Especially for garden beds, enriching the soil with compost ensures that your plants have the nutrients they need.
  2. Mind the Frost: Some plants can handle light frosts, while others need protection. It’s crucial to know the tolerance of your chosen plants.
  3. Watering: Remember that even as temperatures drop, plants still need adequate water, especially when they’re getting established.

Fall doesn’t signal the end of gardening. In fact, it’s a golden opportunity to revamp your space with a palette of rich colors and textures. With these combinations, we hope you feel inspired to create a beautiful autumnal oasis, whether in your garden bed or container.

Come visit us at Marrazzo’s Garden Center, and our passionate team will be thrilled to help you pick the perfect fall plants and offer more personalized advice. Here’s to a colorful and vibrant fall!

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